Dojo Colours

We look around our respective dojos and what do we see?  Yes, we see the obvious.  We see our fellow male and female karateka in gis with an assortment of various ranked coloured belts.  Different sized bodies of ages from young to, well let’s just say, ‘young at heart’ (me).  We have beginners, intermediates and we have those who’ve been training for many years and we get together regularly to train and share our love of the art! 

Everyone has a story to tell with various life experiences to draw from - including Architects, dancers, students, musicians, Fathers, Mothers, sons, daughters, Police, EMTs, computer nerds, retirees, accountants, sales people, realtors, etc., etc.  You get the picture!

I can only speak for our dojo in that, all these members together, form a wonderful fabric richly textured to enhance our training experience!  We are representative of a cross section of society. Everyone contributes no matter what rank they hold!  Some learn fast and some require more time, some are athletic while others struggle, but we are all on the same path up that mountain together.  Corrections made for one, are made for all and together we make each other better in our chosen martial arts activity. I’m quite certain that other dojos are characterized by their own blend of instructors and students making for training experiences intended to enhance enjoyment of the arts through participation.

I selfishly celebrate the composition of the dojo.

Gary Christensen